The series “Snow Beds” are photographs I shot in Koli National Park in Finland in the middle of winter with four hours of light during the day. I was an artist in residence in the middle of a nature reserve, alone. The “Snow Beds” are my diaries from that period.

December 6th: I wanted to come to Koli in the dead of winter. I’ve had had a fear and fascination with the dark for my entire life. I thought I would be afraid here, alone in the wild. I have always felt safe in downtown Manhattan, Prague, Paris, in the center of big cities. The countryside is foreign to me. Surprisingly I feel safe here, it’s my Motherland, she must be cradling me. The darkness doesn’t frighten me. It’s so quiet, this must be what it’s like being buried. The only sound is the snow falling off the trees, it’s a soft thud that is comforting.

Photos©Minna Pyyhkala

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