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"This brand represents the unfair and often brutal treatment of political prisoners internationally.  This directly affects my life, my father was imprisoned during the former Communist Regime for being a poet and artist." GZ

All our clothing is custom-made and original. For any inquiries send us an email and we'll get back to you ASAP!

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BUBENSKA BRANDING aka Super Studio Bubenska


BUBENSKA BRANDING aka Super Studio Bubenska


Bubenska opened to the public in 1935 and was the former home of the electric company for Czechoslovakia and later the main railway station for the City of Prague. The iconic building is considered one of the most important functionalist architectural structures from the 1930s in Prague.
The building sat empty for decades and many of the features deteriorated over time leaving the space raw and in need of reconstruction. Bubenska was acquired by Orco Property Group and is currently a 4,000 square meters home for art studios, small startups, offices, retail and cultural events.  
The branding inside and outside the building was done on a shoestring budget and includes historic images on display as well as current commercial and residential properties. 
Prague Design Group "Designblok" rented the entire building for its annual  Prague International Design Festival showcasing the largest selection of design and fashion from Central Europe.